Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions arise when people decide to paint their house. Here are some popular questions and answers our painters get asked.

Q: What is the advantage of hiring professional painters?

Ans: There are many advantages in hiring a professional painter. Apart from being very time efficient, hiring professional painters ensures that your project is prepared properly, meets local health codes and has a professional finish. You are free from the hassles of dealing with toxic fumes and clean ups. Hiring a professional painter gets your work done quickly and skillfully.

Q: What qualifications does Victorian government require for painters?

Ans: Certificate III Painting and Decorating is the nationally recognized trade qualification for painters in the Victorian government.

Q: Do I need to use qualified painters?

Ans: Yes. The cost of hiring a qualified painter may not be as high as you think. Moreover, the cost associated with hiring qualified painters is justified by the quality of the craftsmanship and the knowledge they provide.

Q. What brands of paint are used?

Ans: Usually we use Hirshfields, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin-Williams for painting the interiors, and Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Storm, Cabots, and Sikkens for painting the exteriors. If you have a preference of paint brand, we are happy to go with your choice.

Q: Do you offer color advice?

Ans: Our color consultants are trained well to give expert advice on what colors are best. You can also test the colors before making your decision.

Q: Do you do commercial painting?

Ans: Yes, we do commercial painting as well.

Q: How long does the paint take to dry?

Ans: The drying time varies between paints. While the latex paint dries within one hour and is ready to accept a second coat of paint after 4 hours, oil paint takes eight hours to dry and additional coats can be applied after 24 hours.

Q: What is the average cost of hiring painters?

Ans: The price that painters charge for their services depends on their association and whether the job is done in the warmer or colder months. The cost varies depending on your location, type of job (interior or exterior painting), painter’s experience and season.

Q: What’s The Difference between interior and exterior paint?

Ans: The primary difference between interior and exterior paints is in their choice of resins. The resin in exterior paints must be softer because they must be tougher, and resist peeling, chopping and fading from sunlight. In interior paints the binding resins are more rigid, which cuts down on scuffing and smearing.

Q: Do you carry out the preparation of surfaces before painting?

Ans: Yes, we do the preparation of surfaces before painting because good preparation makes a world of difference to the end result. Even new surfaces can have nail holes, scrapes, scuff marks and grazes. Plus once the paint is on, they are more noticeable and harder to remove.

Q: Do you prepare the house for painting?

Ans: Yes. The painters will perform all preparation. This helps protect your furniture, floor and other fixtures by covering them. However, we may ask your help to remove all the breakable items from the room.

Q: Do you use some special paint for the kitchen and bathroom?

Ans: The high humid areas like bathroom and kitchens should be painted with a mildew – resistant paint. This paint provides a durable and easy-to-clean finish.

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